embroidered fall maple leaf table runner

Everyone wants an elegant table that will be inviting and leave a lasting impression on their guests minds.

You don’t need a big budget to make this a reality. You don’t have to give up on elegance, class, or distinction to get an awesome inspiring look and a big “WOW” from your guests, even on a tight budget !  Anyone can do it, even you, with the right table linens, an eye catching centerpiece, fresh flower arrangement, and/or candles to compliment the occasion. Beautiful quality, easy care, table linens from Linens Art And Things are affordably priced and will help you accomplish just the look you want, with little effort on your part. We can help you set the perfect table for a BRUNCH with friends, a family HOLIDAY dinner, ANNIVERSARY celebration, BABY shower, or that special WEDDING and Reception, or a JUST BECAUSE meal with flair.  You can do it, and we are here to help you ! 

      If you are going for the “ No Frills” look, a simple runner, topper, or doily, in the design of your choice, on your table is all that is necessary.  For the “Casual Look” you can go with a runner and placemats. For the “Farm Look” a linen look doily, topper, runner and/or placemats is just what you need.  Last, but not least, is the special occasion “Elegant” look. A tablecloth with proper overhang, along with placemats, polyester easy care cloth napkins, napkin rings, centerpiece and candles will pull off the look of elegance.  We will explain how to use the runners, toppers, doilies etc in their respective categories see our website and click on the individual tabs, runner, toppers, etc. tabs to get great ideas of the many uses for them.  Click on website address below to learn about the many uses and how to effectively use them.

      The perfect table setting starts with the proper size tablecloth with the proper overhang where your guests sit.  There is nothing more annoying than a tablecloth that hangs too far down the sides where your guests sit, it is just an accident waiting to happen, as it gets caught on their clothing too easily, and their dinner not only ends up on your carpet, but they could end up pulling your tablecloth half way off your table !  See our chart “ How To Measure For Your Tablecloth”.

how to create an impressive table?
Elegant Table Decoration

      If you are going with a floral embroidered tablecloth, runner, topper or large center doily, keep your candles and centerpieces in porportion to your table, a smaller table requires smaller, low candles and centerpieces compared to a large table that requires a larger centerpiece and taller candles.  This way you are not blocking the view of the person sitting across the table from you !

       No matter what time of year you entertain, we have you covered, from Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, don’t forget we have holiday linens too, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  

       We carry a great selection of quality linens from, embroidered and cutwork florals to farmhouse style stripes and elegant lace trimmed items.  We have doilies, runners, toppers, tablecloths, mantle scarves, window and door valances and more. We can give your home that warm and wow statement you deserve.  Don’t forget to check the runner, doily, topper etc. catagories for new ideas on how to use them in your home for that eye catching look.

how to create an impressive table?
Embroidered Blue Bonnets on White Doily/Table Topper

       Here is a photo we received from a customer who purchased several designs from us and has used this beige linen look mantle scarf  with lace trim, as a valance on her six foot patio doors. 

how to create an impressive table?
Beige Linen Mantle Scarf with Lace Trim as a Valanace

     We encourage you to send us pictures of how you use our linens in your home for that look you desire.  We are here to help you and answer any questions you have. We also have a designer/ decorator who can help you co-ordinate your linens color scheme to go with your furniture and décor. So give us a call with your questions, we are always willing to help you achieve the look you want. We have suggested ideas and things to customers that they never thought of before and are very pleased with their results.

    Please check our Runners, Doilies, Topper etc. tabs above for ways to use these that are not only decorative but practical for your home.

Have fun and remember, send us those pictures, we would love to see them, and if we use them, we will send you a discount postcard to use on your next order.

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