create a “santa claus” style christmas decor
Christmas is the time of the year when the whole world celebrates Santa Claus coming to town. You will want your Christmas celebration to be merry and bright. Start your decorating with our most popular and colorful table designs.

Fun Santa Linens for your Christmas Table

Christmas is the time of the year when the whole world celebrates Santa Claus coming to town. You will want your Christmas celebration to be merry and bright with decorations of our most popular decorations of colorful Santa Claus table designs.  “Jolly old St Nicholas” on our Red Table Linens is ready to dress up your table and tell the world we are waiting for his arrival.  The 16″, 24″ and 36″ Round Doilies are perfect to set the table ready for a beautiful display of your lovely Christmas dishes and your festive Holiday Centerpiece.  The different sizes of table runners with Santa on them will add color to your buffet, coffee table or sofa table. These are wonderful for your Christmas collection of Ornaments, Trees or Snow Scenes.  Your home will not be complete without the Fireplace decorated with our beautiful Santa Scarf.  Add a touch of garland and your Mantle will look gorgeous and will delight all your family and friends and brighten up your home for this glorious holiday.

Lovely Holiday Santa Claus Table Runners

Beautiful Table Runners are stylish and will add beauty to any dining room or kitchen table and comes in many sizes. Cutwork is lovely around the ends of each runner to add to the finish look. A gold metallic thread ribbon circles all the runner and has little trees cut into the ribbon. Santa is located on each end with Christmas Trees with Snow all around little packages and and gifts for Santa to bring. Sizes of the runners are 16″ X 35″ and 16″ X 70″ and comes on a red satin washable polyester material. Wonderful for a Buffet, Coffee Table or End Tables.

create a “santa claus” style christmas decor   Embroidered Christmas Santa Claus Table Runner

Beautiful Table Toppers for your Christmas Decor

Your guest will love this Embroidered Christmas Tree and Santa Claus 33″ X 33″ Square Table Topper on a small guest table or in center of the table at an angle. A beautiful Holiday Centerpiece placed in middle of Topper and all your beautiful dishes all around will complete your lovely special wonderland table. The Topper is made of 100% washable Red Satin Polyester and is wrinkle resistance and will last for a long time. You will love the way it looks on your dining table or coffee table.

A Beautiful Santa Mantle Scarf for your Fireplace Decor

Enjoy our Embroidered Santa Claus Fireplace 19″ X 90″ Mantle Scarf and welcome Santa down the chimney in style. Your friends and family will love the look with this scarf of Santa and Christmas Trees on your Fireplace Mantle with your beautiful garland of green. 100% washable polyester in red satin will last for years to come.


create a “santa claus” style christmas decorEmbroidered Santa Claus Fireplace Mantel Scarf

Wonderful and Delightful Round Santa Claus Doilies

Add Doilies to your beautiful table display and see the little ones faces light up with delight.  Your guest will be delighted with these Doilies and it’s shine and elegance will last all holiday. Check out the different styles.

16″ Round Doily is a perfect Placemat

create a “santa claus” style christmas decor Embroidered Santa Claus Doilies

The 16″ Round Doilies are a perfect fit for your beautiful Holiday dishes. The Santa on each side of the doily is very nice so that the dishes don’t cover him up. Lovely rim of metallic gold will make the dishes stand out and the cutwork that circles the doily is perfect for the trim. Little green trees with and without snow highlight the doily with packages and balls.   Can be used as a Placemat as it is big enough for the plate to be used and still show the Santa. 100% washable red satin makes this doily very beautiful and will give your table a festive look. Nice on a dining room table or even a coffee table.

36″ Round Santa Doily is great for a Centerpiece in the Center of table

create a “santa claus” style christmas decorSanta Claus Round Doily

Add a 36″ Round Doily to your table for a beautiful centerpiece and your guest will be so excited to see the lovely decor.  Everyone loves Santa and the children will be delighted to sit at this table.  The satin polyester will make every plate and silverware stand out for a gorgeous table. Enjoy your decor at this beautiful time of the year.

Hope you enjoyed our Whimsical and Delightful Santa Claus Table Linens.  We encourage you to send us your pictures with these displayed in your home so we can show our customers the beauty that can be added to their decor. Have a very Merry Christmas and remember to sign up for our next newsletter with coupons and announcements of new items coming up.

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