embroidered white magnolia table topper/doilies

Your guests and family will always notice your tablecloth, regardless if they comment on it or not.

Cutwork and embroidered tablecloths in Toppers and Round and Rectangular Tablecloths can turn an ordinary looking table into a beautiful focal point in your dining room, or kitchen. A simple centerpiece or turntable can be set with candles or a lovely floral centerpiece.  Placemats, a center Runner, some greenery and your fine dishes and silverware for special dinners for an inviting, elegant table and your guest will be in love with your decor.


Choose our Floral White Daisy Table Topper for your Summer table.

the beauty of a tablecloth

Embroidered White Daisy on Brown Table Topper

It is important to choose the right fabric when looking for a tablecloth, such as plain solid polyester for everyday use, to linen look polyester, patterned jacquard or satin for a more festive look and elegant look.


 The Round 67″ Fall Leaf Tablecloth is perfect for the Autumn look.

embroidered maple leaf tablecloth

      Embroidered Maple Leaf Tablecloth


Choose from our Lavender Rectangular Tablecloth for a Spring look.

embroidered purple lavender round tablecloth

Embroidered Purple Lavender Round Tablecloth


Always a nice Winter or Holiday Tablecloth of Poinsettias will set your table off for a festive holiday

embroidered red poinsettia on ivory 67″ x 90″ table cloth

Tablecloths come in round, rectangle and square shapes, there are many sizes available.  See our tablecloths HERE.  Be sure to see how to measure for a proper fitting tablecloth, where it’s not hanging down on your guests laps when they sit down to eat. The easiest way to measure a rectangle or oval table is to measure the length of it, if you use a table leaf to make your table bigger, make sure you measure with it in.  Add 16” to the length, that will give you the proper size you need. Most tables are a standard width, unless your table was custom built, then you need to measure the width as well.  Usually just the length is all you will need. By adding the 16” as mentioned above, you will have an 8” overhang on the ends, which is desirable, if it’s a little bit shorter, that is ok too, at least it’s not laying in your guests lap !

Enjoy all our Tablecloths.  Please send us your pictures.  We would love to see how you have used them so our  customers can enjoy your ideas for a lovely table.

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