christmas embroidered red poinsettia fire place mantle scarf

Traditional Poinsettias are a Great Way to Decorate for Christmas

When I was a child, we had lots of Poinsettias in pots, centerpieces and garlands all over our house. My Mother decorated every room in the house for Christmas and Poinsettias was the Flower of her choice. She would make beautiful garlands to go over the fireplace mantel, over the buffet, breakfast bar, and over the doors in every room. She loved to decorate and entertain at Christmas time. As a little girl, I watched her decorate and was filled with joy as she meticulously placed all our Christmas decorations, new and old, all around the house, even the bathroom. Our Christmas decorating started as soon as Thanksgiving was over. Mother had planned her ideas for each room with so much care and knew where each item was to go. We didn’t have much money in those days, so she made a lot of the Placemats, Runners and Doilies herself and would use trims from the five and dime store to trim out each item. When she finished, we had the most beautiful house in the neighborhood and we were so proud to bring our friends to see it. Mother and Daddy did a lot of entertaining in our home. Christmas was a glorious occasion for us kids and we loved the holidays. I know she would have loved all our Poinsettia Doilies, Placemats and Runners we have for our displays in our home today. The Fireplace Mantle Scarf used on the Mantle would have been so decorated that everyone would have envied her work. We would have used Linen Table Napkins on every table, as that was the norm in those days. Today, during the season, more and more people are decorating with beautiful table napkins on there elegant tables, to continue the tradition. Our Poinsettia Linens comes in several sizes and styles. We have Deep Red Poinsettias and Traditional Red and White Poinsettias. Our most popular is our Embroidered Cutwork Red Poinsettias.

Round Doilies are very popular to display a centerpiece on your Holiday table

The beautiful Deep Red Poinsettia Doily is ideal for your Christmas table and will be a striking centerpiece for your holiday decorations. The red leaves are outlined in gold metallic thread with a touch of green throughout the doily. This comes in 24″ Round and 33″ Round Doily. Use your beautiful centerpiece of red Poinsettias or a gold candle in the center and your table will be complete.

Along with our Poinsettia Style linens comes our beautiful Cutwork style Mantle Scarf in Red and White Cutwork Poinsettias. This lovely Mantle Scarf comes with matching Doilies, Placemats and Runners to create a lovely Holiday table.

Embroidered Christmas Holiday Large Poinsettia Fireplace Mantel Scarf 19 W X 90 L Wide

red poinsettia round doilies – 24"

24″ Inch Embroidered Christmas Large Poinsettia for Holidays

how to decorate for the holidays with poinsettias

Christmas Holiday Poinsettia Fireplace Mantel Scarf 19 X


With this beautiful embroidered cutwork red and white Poinsettia you will find the matching table Runners, Doilies and Table Napkins to match. Enjoy them on your Holiday table with beautiful silverware and lovely Christmas dishes. Your guest will be so intrigued with your selection of linens, they will not want to leave your home.

Display this beautiful Red & White Poinsettia Mantel Scarf on your Fireplace Mantle and make your room inviting and cheerful and hang your stocking with care in hopes that “Old St Nicholas” will soon be there.

christmas embroidered red poinsettia fire place mantle scarf

 Embroidered Poinsettia Fireplace Mantle Scarves


Use this beautiful Red and White Poinsettia Doily in the center of a table and impress your guest with a beautiful centerpiece for your Holiday table.

Embroidered Large Poinsettia Table Runner

Embroidered Red & White Poinsettia Round Doily


Add to your holiday decorations this beautiful 24″ round Poinsettia Doily in the center of the table with your favorite centerpiece and your table will be complete for your guest.  Another beautiful table runner can be added to your coffee table, end table or sofa table.  Comes in two sizes, 24″ and 36″ Round.


Embroidered Red Poinsettia Christmas Napkins


Napkins with embroidered Poinsettia will set off any table and complete your Holiday Table.  White Napkins with Red Poinsettias are always a great to impress your guest with a finish table decor.

Hope you will enjoy our Poinsettia table linens and help you to decorate your table with beautiful color and style.  We encourage you to send us your pictures with these displayed in your home so we can show our customers the beauty that can be added to their decor. Have a very Merry Christmas and remember to sign up for our next newsletter with coupons and announcements of new items coming up.


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