round white daisy on ivory doily

Many people ask us “Where else can I use doilies in my home, other than on a small table?”

Well you may be surprised to know, that they can be used in just about every room of your home, including your bathroom, yes, you read that right !  You can use lace trimmed doilies for a more elegant and classy look, they also work well with the antique look if you have antiques you want to make stand out in your room. Two styles are shown below, but a lot of the other doilies we carry, will also work well, depending on your color scheme in your room.  We carry sizes from 15” round to 35” round depending on the design, so click our doily tab on our website for your favorite design, and find the available sizes.


White Peacock Lace Doily


The pale tan linen look with brown and beige lace edge makes a statement of elegance, classy casual, and French country. The white and mauve peacock lace with jacquard center doily, is very elegant as well, and goes with any décor from modern to country, so versatile.

Our doilies are machine wash and dry, no ironing is needed if removed promptly from the dryer. Very easy care, just the way we like it.


Our Sunflower Dollies are wonderful for Spring, Summer and Fall

We have doilies for every season of the year, and our sunflower doily below can be used with your Spring, Summer or fall décor or your farmhouse look. Very versatile, it just depends on your style and look you want to achieve.

sunflower doilies 7 web ready
sunflower doilies 15″ web ready
sunflower group doilies 7 11 15 web ready
sunflower group doilies 7 11 15 web read

Sunflower above is a must for fall and fabulous for the Farmhouse look. This doily features cutwork around the edge and a lattice cutwork design with embroidered sunflowers and leaves with a solid center. This comes in various sizes for multiple places to use in your home.


Christmas Doilies are Great Around the Holidays

Our Christmas linens will not only give your home the festive holiday look, but will add that extra little sparkle to your décor. This embroidered and cutwork design features gold metallic thread to emphasize the candles, bells and poinsettia centers for that extra special “Wow” from your family and friends.

gold candle ivory linen crochet bells doily 24 web ready v1
gold candle ivory linen crochet bells doily 24 web ready v1

Square and Round Doilies are very Popular in Small Spaces 

We also have square doilies for those of you who prefer square to round. Yes, you can use a square doily on a round table on the diagonal as shown below. The sage green doily features embroidered two tone roses and leaves on a linen look fabric. The green linen look doilies with Grape Leaves and Gold Daisies with leaves are a popular look from spring thru summer.

embroidered green leaf square doily
Embroidered Green Leaf Square Doily



embroidered gold daisy round doily
Embroidered Gold Daisy Round Doily


Below is a list of ways to use doilies in your home.

Breakfast bar, Kitchen table, Cabinet shelves, Microwave cart, Bakers rack, Serving cart, on top of refrigerator, Plant stands, Dining room table, Buffet, Curio cabinet shelves, China cabinet shelves, Decorator table, End tables, Coffee table, TV stand, Stereo, Wet bar, Wall shelves, Piano, Toilet tank top, Dressing table, Bathroom shelves, Nightstands, Dressers, Chest of Drawers, Entryway table and many more.

Use your imagination and have fun creating a new exciting look for your home.  If you are in doubt just give us a call, we are here to help.

Send us your ideas as well, we are always listening and interested to hear how you use doilies. All photos are welcome as well.

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