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BEAUTIFUL Oval, Round & Square Placemats

Best Guide for Purchasing Oval, Round & Square Placemats

What is a Placemat?

A placemat is a simple pad or covering used to position an individual place at the table for the plate. stemware and silverware are set on the placemat to protect the table from food stains and marks that might occur if the plate is hot or has rough edges.  A placemat differs from a tablecloth as it doesn’t cover the entire table, only a small portion in front of each chair.

Why are Placemats so important for decorating a Table?

Decorating your table for a formal or casual dinner can be very easy with our beautiful colorful placemats. You can use them with a tablecloth or by themselves to add color or to protect your table from spills. To complete a beautiful table, placemats can be used to wow your dinner guest or just to add elegance to the table.

Hosting a large party or just hoping to leave a lasting impression on guests as they enter your home, beautiful placemats are especially important to perfecting an inviting table. Presentation matters as it is soothing to the eye and attracts your guests to your table décor. A placemat is the most necessary item to complete a place setting.

How to choose a Placemat?

Choosing the right placemats for your table is like choosing a certain style for a room.  It can match the colors of the paint on the walls or the colors of a centerpiece or just for a color on the table.  There are  so many ways to choose,  starting from the occasional floral or the lace style or the farmhouse look.  You may want to match the decorations you want to present on your table.

Latest placemats for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021

Oval Placemats

Oval Placemats can be used on a rectangle table, a round table, enjoy on your dining room or kitchen table

Check out our Oval Placemats selection for the very best in unique handmade pieces from our table linens shops. Nice on a dining room table or on a coffee table or dresser scarf. Oval Placemats are really easy to combine Oval and they come with different edges.

Square Placemats

If you have oblong type of tables, we have the right Square Placemats for your

Square Placemats are nice on an oblong table. We are committed to bringing you exclusive Square Placemat designs from elegant lace to everyday decor

Round Placemats

Round Placemats are ideal for small and medium round tables

Our Round Placemat is an overall favorite for the center of the table or on a coffee table or end table by the sofa.  Another use for a placemat is in the bedroom on the nightstands with a matching dresser scarf.

Set your beautiful table with lovely Round Placemats to show off your China or Everyday Dishes. These came in Stylish Farmhouse, Lace, or Floral 16″ Round Doily Placemats. 100% Machine wash and dry with little to no ironing. All our doilies are easy to care for, wrinkle-resistant, and durable enough to use time and time again. Also, nice as a Centerpiece with your favorite candle or flowers in the center of the table. Enjoy on a dining or kitchen table or on a coffee table or sofa end tables. Some of our doilies have embroidered centers with beautiful cutwork or lace edges and some have solid centers with lace inserts and lace edges.

Ideal size of Placemats

From 14 inch Placemats up to 20 Inches long​

Our oval placemats can have dimensions of 14” wide X 17” long or even up to 20” long. The square placemats about 14” to 16” in diameter.  Our round placemats are 12” to 16” round. The size of the placemat needs to be spacious enough to hold the entire set of plates, stemware, flatware and even napkins. However, placemats are available in several different shapes and sizes. Some table placemats are Square, Round, Rectangular and Oval depending on your style, they are all acceptable. Do keep in mind, that the smaller the Placemat, the less place settings it will hold.

Choosing table Placemats based on material

While many people focus on design and size, the material of a placemat is equally important. Placemats that are washable with little to no ironing will offer easy care and can be folded and put away when not in use. Polyester Satin and Polyester Linen are materials that most fine table linens are made from. Embroidered Floral Placemats are more presentable when entertaining for the holidays or special occasions. Lace is genuinely nice for an elegant party. The Farmhouse look is all the rage and is being made from grain sacks of the days gone by and have an antique and cottage look to them. When buying a placemat, remember the style and cut you want to present. All are different and when placed with your center Table Runner or Centerpiece, you can achieve the beautiful table you have always dreamed of.

Pick the right Placemat for the event

If you are hosting a dinner party or want to impress your guest, you might want to go with a lavish lace pattern or a colorful embroidery floral Placemat. All can make a beautiful table. Placemats will complement the occasion with style and elegance and will set the tone of the event. Whether it is lighthearted or festive, elegant, or romantic, choose Placemats that are fun and festive and will complete your table in style and will leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

How to Care for the Placemat?

All our Placemats (Round, Square, or Oval Placemats) are 100% machine wash and dry polyester or cotton blend with little to no ironing needed and are wrinkle resistant and durable enough to use time and time again.

What is the point of using Table Placemats?

If you want to increase the beauty of your tables whether it be the Dining or Kitchen Table, a coffee table or sofa end tables, buy stylish and colorful sets of placemats for your home that will bring enjoyment to you as well as your guest.  Placemats are not only for beauty but also provide wonderful protection for your tables from any kind of damage due to heat from the serving plates or item placed on the table.  You can purchase placemats for everyday use, holidays or special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversary.

Hope the above guide on “How to Choose a Placemat for your Table” will help you when picking out the best Placemats for your home.  Cost should not be a factor in deciding on using placemats to make your tables beautiful.  Purchase what you like and what you want to add beauty to your home décor or to display with a beautiful table runner or scarf.

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