gray, blue or green and white stripe table runner



What is a Table Runner?

A table runner is one of the most versatile table linens you can own. From the sofa table and dresser tops to the kitchen island and dining table, a runner will help bring out color to any space. Use them to dress up or dress down your everyday kitchen table or dining table. Runners can also be used as a dresser scarf in the bedroom or in a living room on a coffee table and end tables.

What size of Table Runner should I use?

Our beautiful runners come in various sizes from 28” to 70” in length and 14” to 16” wide. A dining table that sits 4 to 6 people you may want to use a 16” X 36” or a 16” X 54” runner. The table that seats up to 8 people can carry up to a 16” X 70” long runner. Use a runner that doesn’t fall more than 3” below the edge of the table or into the chair seat. Use runners of any kind for square, oval, rectangle, or round tables. The best size runner for a round table is one that is about ⅓ of the width of your table. Rectangular tables are great with our rectangular runners and the round table is wonderful with our oval style runners. For a farmhouse style, the stripe rectangular runners are a very good option. Use a runner that is suitable for your taste, but keep in mind, runners should be used as a centerpiece and not for your guest to sit on. You can use our runners down the center of the table or you can make the letter “T” or criss-cross “X’ pattern to eliminate the need for placemats.

What kind of Table Runner should I use for the dining table?

Spring and Summer Runners for your tables

Our spring and summer runners are beautiful and they give your home a refreshing look from the cold winter months. When you do your spring cleaning, (something that should be done every spring), wash windows inside and out, dust down walls, get the cobwebs you overlooked during the winter, change out the heavy bedspreads for lighter weight ones for spring and summer and last but not least, change out your linens on your tables, coffee table, etc. Below are a few of our fabulous spring and summer runners. The Daisy Runners are available in various sizes from 28” to 54” long and our Pink Rose is in sizes 28”wide to 72” long. We also have our Farmhouse Stripe Runners that are 16” Wide X 54” and 90” long These are perfect for use from Spring thru the Summer months.

Decor your Tables with our Fall and Holiday Runners

Our Fall and Holiday Runners are going to be the envy of your friends, the unique designs and great quality are a must for every home. Use as a festive whimsical decor or for an elegant sit down dinner. Our linens are so different, any style you are looking for is ready for your guest to admire and you to enjoy.

What are the different ways to use a Table Runner?

Table runners in long farm tables, coffee tables, or dining tables

Long Farm Tables: If using in the center of table lengthwise, you will need : (1) 90” or (2) 54” runners depending on the length of your Table. Measure the length of your table and divide by 54 or 70 to see how many runners you will need. Lay runners end to end and place a turntable or flower arrangement where the two meet. Add placemats for guests, and for a more formal look, use cloth napkins and napkin rings.

Coffee Tables: Use runner lengthwise, or use a shorter one from front to back of the table with 2-3” overhand on front and back. You can also use a shorter runner centered lengthwise with a candle.

Dining Tables: Measure table lengthwise and divide by either, 35, 54, or 70 to find out how many runners you will need to go from end to end. Otherwise, just use one runner centered lengthwise in center of the table, usually a 35” for table seating 4 people, and table that seats 6 use a 54”.

Do I have to use a Table Runner with a Tablecloth?

Naturally, you don’t have to use a tablecloth with a table runner. If you like the idea that a runner offers as a touch of practical beauty, set it along in the center of the table as an accent for your stemware or china and use it with placemats and a beautiful centerpiece. Beautiful table linens down the middle of the table dresses the table up just enough for special celebrations or just for everyday decor. Build your table with color in mind and anchor it with beautiful table runners and add coordinating pieces to complete the table. Don’t forget the napkins. Guest will be delighted in your choice of table decor. If you’re are ready to bring in texture, color and style to your tables remember the season and enjoy decorating throughout the year.


Check our List of Table Runners so you can find the appropriate one for you!